The Minimalism Challenge



So I did something awesome today.

I am creating my own personal minimalism challenge.

Don’t freak out, I’m not going to purge all of my possessions and live out of one small backpack for the rest of my life. But I am going to start simplifying.

Because that is essentially the point of minimalism. Simplifying one’s life by discarding possessions/relationships/thoughts that don’t hold any value. By value I don’t mean monetarily, I mean intrinsically. Does this item/friend/mental state provide you with any benefit or not? Is it even harmful to you? These are the questions I will be asking myself over the next couple months as I move slowly into a more minimalist lifestyle.

Why am I doing this? I will probably be asking this once or twice (especially when I go looking for my favourite pair of pants – only to realize I got rid of them) along the way so I thought I would clear it up now.

Minimalism is a spectrum. I’m sure you’ve heard about certain people living off of 30 items or less and being totally content (like Colin Wright  who lives with less than 50 items). And then we have the total opposite (broadcasted to the general public with a little show called Hoarders). I’m leaning towards the minimalist side, because I’m fascinated and disturbed by how much meaning we give material objects. Someone’s value shouldn’t be determined by how much stuff they own. I don’t want to lead this all consuming lifestyle. I would like to start contributing to the world rather than simply taking.

CaptureThe reason for my inspiration is The Minimalists which has some really awesome essays about getting rid of physical stuff to open up the opportunity for more meaningful experiences.

I will continue to update my minimalist journey as it continues. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,

Shelbs xx


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