Edinburgh: At a Glance

When we first arrived in Edinburgh (pronounced Eh-din-bor-ough, I think anyway – those accents are insanely hard to understand…) I was totally blown away. First of all, there’s a castle in the middle of the city. And then there’s people – everywhere. Walking in every direction. It looked like the population of downtown Toronto in an old and magical city seen only in the days of King Arthur.


Living Conditions
Edinburgh was our last spot on our Europe 2016 trip so we had already seen our fair share of crappy hostels. I had no idea what to expect from The Hostel (Clifton Terrace), which is probably for the best. Rooms were huge (ours was a 14 bed) and clean but the bathrooms were a bit sketchy. I didn’t appreciate the showers (you only had one temperature) but that’s hostel living for ya!

Funny story about the food situation in Edinburgh… By the time we arrived my trip budget had seriously taken a hit. So I munched on McDonald’s for the most part of my Edinburgh experience! However, we did go to a nice place for dinner one night, called The Black Bull. Food was terrific and they had a student discount!

We obviously had to check out the enormous Edinburgh castle smack in the middle of the city first and foremost! If I’m being honest, the price was a little steep for what it was, but that could also be the cheapo in me getting cranky at forking over 16 euros for a tour (that’s 32 Canadian dollars!!!). The view was beautiful though and it was cool to be inside a castle that old.


Walking the streets of Edinburgh was an experience in itself, there are so many people! You definitely need to keep your head up here.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
So exhausted I had to sit. Not a bad view eh?

We took a kitschy tour of the Edinburgh dungeons (more of a theatre production really…) and it was really amazing actually. All of the actors were really well rehearsed and could easily improvise depending on the crowd. Not a must see attraction but I enjoyed it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.41.45 AM

On our last day we hiked up Arthur’s Seat and this is definitely a must see. The hike itself can get a bit tricky but it is worth it when you get to the top! No picture I could ever take can compare to that view. When I’m walking on the treadmill at the gym I always pretend I’m hiking up Arthur’s Seat because it was that inspiring. I did at one point fall down the side of the mountain but luckily I was unhurt (minus a few scrapes and bruises). It really is one of Edinburgh’s highlights and honestly one of my favourite experiences of my entire trip!

IMG_7817 (1)
Casually falling down the side of the mountain…

Thanks for reading,

Shelbs xx


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