Minimalism Challenge: Technology


I’m the worst when it comes to my phone. Sometimes I have days where my thumb is glued to the screen, and others when I want to throw it out the window! I’ve come up with a few ways to minimize my usage and cut back on my technology dependence.

  1. Turn off push notifications (you won’t feel the constant pull to check your phone if you know you have no notifications)
  2. Delete apps from your phone (so that when you want to use it, you will have to go through the process of redownloading it… might lead to less usage)
  3. Unfollow people you don’t care about (that sounds harsh – unfollow people whose accounts don’t inspire you or who make you feel anxious or who don’t post content you enjoy…)
  4. No tv watching all day (this one will have to be on a Tuesday cause I can’t miss the Bachelorette…)
  5. Unsubscribe from email marketing (limits the temptation to online shop)
  6. Sort through your inbox until it reaches zero (so satisfying…)
  7. Go through photos on laptop and phone, deleting those you don’t need (no one needs 5 copies of the same selfie, each edited with a different filter…)
  8. Deactivate accounts (Did this one the other day with my instagram)
  9. Turn off smartphone for one whole day (perhaps a Sunday…)

Wish me luck!

Shelbs xx


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