Minimalism Challenge – Ten Things


As part of my minimalism challenge, I am doing a lot of thinking. Thinking about all the crap I own, all the junk that weighs me down, and all the things I could be doing if I wasn’t restricted by any of it.

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I am really inspired by The Minimalists. In one of their essays they challenge readers to write down the ten most expensive things they own and then the ten most enriching things (experiences included). It’s called the 10/10 Materials Possession Theory and it’s supposed to show you what really matters in your life. 

I decided to do the challenge and incorporate it into my Minimalism challenge because a lot of what I am trying to do is simply perspective. So if I can perhaps see my most treasured objects for what they really are, I can be more persuaded to get rid of them.

My ten most expensive items included things like my guitar and my favourite leather jacket – amongst a bunch of other crap I never really needed.

My Ten Most Treasured Items

  1. Trip to Europe #1 (2015 – with my three best friends. Inspired me to become more involved within my university the following year)
  2. Trip to Europe #2 (2016 – with my two best friends. Revealed to me that I can’t see myself living abroad, but reaffirmed my love for travelling)
  3. Christmas with my grandmother (2015 – my last Christmas with her)
  4. After supper walks with my mom
  5. Hockey games with my dad
  6. Lazy sundays with my boyfriend
  7. Going to the spa with my sister Terra
  8. Gym sessions with my roommates
  9. Going to coffee with my aunts
  10. Going for drinks with my closest friends

The point of the challenge is to see that none of these coincide. None of my most expensive items were necessary for any of those experiences to happen. Something to think about as I move forward with my own minimalism challenge. I encourage all of you to try this challenge!

Thanks for reading,

Shelbs xx


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