What’s the greatest thing about a friend?


That they’re not supposed to judge you for anything you do, no matter how stupid/embarrassing/crazy or self-destructive. They can explain how they feel about what you’re doing, offer advice on what they think you should do, or even tell you how stupid you’re being – but they’re not supposed to judge you.


Key words: not supposed to.


But if we’re all being honest with ourselves, we judge everyone, all the time. And although I’m not suggesting we try and be perfect and agree with every little thing every person does, I strongly believe we need to stop judging our friends and family.


Why them specifically? Because they’re the ones that are there for you when you date the asshole, when you screw up at work or when you fail a class. They’re the ones that are there for you through every anxiety attack, after every failed hookup and after you almost burn the house down when trying a new recipe. They’re also there for you when you graduate university, or when you start your own business, or when you successfully dye your own hair. They’re there for all of it.


Meaning: They have ample opportunity to judge you throughout your failures and triumphs. And I’m suggesting that we all try and give a little when it comes to friendship and family members. Try not to judge when they come to you for advice, or when they share their humiliating story, or when they seemingly succeed at something and you don’t. You might find that they return the sentiment when you come to them with your troubles.

It might lead you to try something new that you never would have otherwise. Approach the cute girl at the bar, get a ‘lob’, try your hand at blogging… and do it all knowing your friends won’t judge you. And if they do – that’s their issue, not yours.

I love the quote: “What other people think of you is none of your business”, and I try to embody it every day. Try not to worry about the opinions of others. Your real friends will tell you the truth without judgement, allowing you to reach your full potential.


I know – easier said than done.



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