Hamilton’s Restaurants Part I

Hamilton’s food scene is unreal. I have eaten some of the best food in some of the weirdest restaurants and I can’t wait to try more! If you’re in the area looking for some good grub, look no further:

Who doesn’t love pizza? Naroma is the ultimate pizzeria, with amazing different pizza combos (including a Nutella dessert pizza!). My favourite (before I went vegetarian…) was the Brie e Prosciutto, i.e. mozzarella, triple cream brie, fig jam, prosciutto, caramelized onions… my mouth is literally watering. Some other awesome ones are the Pollo (chicken, pesto, roasted red peppers…), Funghi (oyster, portobello mushrooms, truffle oil…) and the Pancetta Dolce (maple bacon, tomatoes, asparagus…). Depending on how many people you go with will influence the size of pizza you should get. If it’s you and a friend, two Coppia sizes is plenty (with enough for leftovers!). The next sizes up are Famiglia (Serves 3-4) and Festa (Serves 4-6). Pizza lovers unite!

The weirdest food ever but so amazing! This is an amazing date place if you’re both adventurous. It’s a little on the pricier side but eating there is an experience in itself that is definitely worth the splurge. Their menu changes often but when I went I ate a range of different meats including pork, duck, fish and lamb. Rapscallion is a meat lovers dream but they do have a meatless Monday menu as well! Some of the recent dishes on their website include: Bone Marrow, Shrimp & Pork Belly, Smoked Duck, Veal Brisket and the ever so tempting The Best Grilled Cheese On The Planet… Definitely give this restaurant a go if you’re downtown.

Bangkok Spoon
Who doesn’t love Thai food? And until I get my ass to Thailand (it’s on the list!) I am always on the hunt for good pad thai. Bangkok Spoon is amazing, it’s a bit of a hike (located in Dundas, rather than the Hamilton centre), but worth the trek. The people are amazingly friendly and don’t mind if you ask a billion questions (I always do!). I recommend the Shrimpy Cocktail as an appetizer, any of the pad thai dishes, the Spicy Duck dish, the Garlic Shrimp dish and the Pad Po Tak.


The only thing I would avoid for me personally is the chicken dishes because I did not find the chicken to be that great. Felt a little bland but I am a picky foodie. Also if you’re in the mood, or if it’s after 5pm (ok or any time after noon) try their mojitos!

The Mule
Went here very recently and loved it! The menu is split into Tacos and Not Tacos (super cute and who doesn’t love tacos). They had a lot of good vegetarian options which was awesome for me but they still had enough variety for my meat loving friend, Emily. The drink menu is mainly tequila which agrees with me.They also serve brunch on the weekends with menu items like: Chili Cheese Dog Taco, Mule Eggs Benedict, Banana Chocolate Johnny Cakes. They don’t take reservations so be prepared to wait or come at an off time!


The Ship
Coincidentally went here right after I went vegetarian which was a true test of my veggie commitment because this is a burger place for sure! Luckily for me they had a quinoa and black bean burger that I could substitute and it was delicious. Also the sweet potato fries are unreal and because I have a problem all I can think about right now is their Sangria. Tastes like a fuzzy peach! Definitely give this one a try if you’re anywhere near Augusta Street.

Next on my restaurant list is The Black Sheep, The Ancaster Mill, the Burnt Tongue and Earth to Table Bread Bar so stay tuned for Part 2 (once I’ve eaten my way through Hamilton!)


Thanks for reading, xx


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