How to Come Back to Reality After a Life Changing Trip

wan-der-lust: a strong desire to travel.

We’ve all heard the term, seen it tattooed on friends’ arms, and definitely all experienced it. Most of us in our twenties probably fight the urge nearly every day to get on the next plane out of here (where ever here is…). Summer is especially bad for this feeling of FOMO; caused by checking out everyone’s trip photos on Instagram (insert shameless plug here), or seeing people’s check in locations on Facebook…etc. However, let’s say you were lucky enough to go on an amazing trip.

You had the time of your life: you met amazing and interesting people, you ate way too much food, drank every night and had real, life altering experiences (some of mine include actually making it up Arthur’s Seat in Scotland, visiting the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio, and seeing my friend Emily in London.).

And now it’s back to reality. To some that may mean back to the 9-5 desk job… others it might mean back to school… and some it may just mean back to your family and friends. I definitely know the feeling of instantly missing travelling immediately after the conclusion of a trip. It sucks.

So how do we combat this feeling? There are ways to incorporate your feeling of wanderlust into every day life. And if travelling really is your passion, feel comforted in the fact that you will be able to travel again, somehow, someway.

Here are a few suggestions that I’ve come up with in the last couple years after travelling.

  1. Go through your pictures, a lot. Try and remember exactly what was going on in the photo when you took it. Who was there with you, what did it feel like when you saw whatever sight you were looking at and note all the things you enjoyed about that moment. It sounds silly but feeling gratitude for the moments you have experienced makes that trip all the more influential on your life.
  2. Keep your attitude. You know the one I’m talking to. The crazy, carefree, nothing can go wrong attitude. The one that enables you to do some really crazy sh*t. When travelling, things that seem way out of your comfort zone back home suddenly become achievable. It’s not weird to approach someone at the bar because you know if it goes horribly wrong, you will never need to see them again. Keep that same attitude when you come back home, because really, nothing has changed. The more opportunities you say yes to, the better life will be.
  3. Similar to point 2, continue to go with the flow.  While travelling, nothing usually goes as planned and because you’re forced to adapt because you really have no where else to go, it really requires some loosening up. Keep that up when you come back home. Don’t cancel on girl’s night because one of you can’t make it, enjoy the company that comes and relax.
  4. Talk about it. No, I’m not saying to be that super annoying person who only ever talks about how good the food is in Paris is comparison or how there is no culture in Canada or how Europe is really the place to be. But find like minded people who enjoy talking about travelling, and exchange stories and tips. This can also be done online through blogging or tweeting at travel bloggers or even just through messaging a friend that’s abroad at the moment. By making travelling a part of the conversation, you’re able to cultivate your passion while also keeping/creating connections with other people.
  5. Keep budgeting. You should definitely try and follow a budget while travelling (so you don’t end up like me – eating McDonald’s every day to survive in Scotland) so bring those good habits back with you! Drop your change into a jar every week, cancel your Netflix (this one could be tough), make dinner at home more often, every little bit counts towards your next adventure!
  6. Keep travelling. Huh?? This one may be confusing but what I mean is, try and keep travelling even when you’re not travelling. Go on a cheap road trip around your area, explore your hometown (pretend you’re a tourist and do all the dumb stuff you make fun of tourists for doing, you might surprise yourself at how much fun it is!), or plan a weekend away somewhere close but not too close. Keep the wanderlust alive by always exploring – you don’t have to go to Europe to be a world traveler.

    Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
    Me in Port Dover, only an hour away from my city!
  7. Start planning your next trip! Even if it’s months and months away or it never even comes to fruition, planning your next trip allows you to channel your wanderlust into designing your next experience. Make a list of all the places you want to go to and research all the fun things you can do once you get there. Look at plane prices, plan a budget, talk to friends who’ve been there. Once you are ready to make the trip, you’ll be totally prepared!

Worse comes to worse, if your wanderlust is that bad, just get on the damn plane right now. Reality sucks anyways.

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