Vegetarian Grocery List

I have recently decided to give the veggie lifestyle a try and with help from my friends Sarah and Jackie, have been convinced that this is not only the right decision, but an easy decision to make.

Maintaining it however, has been hard. Anyone who has ever eaten with me knows I love meat. I love chicken fingers and burgers and steak and turkey and…sorry what was I talking about again?

This is a beginner post, as I am new to the vegetarian lifestyle. So I would like to share with you my sample grocery list for anyone who is debating going vegetarian. Hopefully this can help you out when you’re scratching your head in the produce section.

Image-1 (26).jpg

  1. Quinoa (a complete protein I am told). Mix this in all of your salads or fry it up like rice and eat it as a stir fry.
  2. Spinach. Perfect for tossing in smoothies. I put one serving of it in my smoothies in the morning and I don’t even taste it so it’s like I’m tricking myself into eating healthier…
  3. Zucchini. Spiralize it and use it to replace noodles when making pasta. I made an amazing tomato basil sauce, contemplated using noodles and instead used zucchini and felt so much better afterwards. No bloating and zucchinis have a lot of potassium in them so they are a really good pick!
  4. Vegetable stock. After realizing that French Onion Soup is made with beef broth, I almost died (it’s my favourite). Now I use vegetable stock when making my own soups (I make probably two soups a week, in big batches) because it can be tough to know which ones are made with vegetable broth when eating out. When in doubt, always ask!
  5. As for seasonal veggies and fruits, my favourites are: any type of squash, broccoli, peaches, strawberries, corn, avocados, leeks, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.
  6. Beans. Chickpeas and black beans are my main ones but I have been know to experiment with lima, white, and lentils.
  7. Greek Yogurt. I eat this with granola and berries or else I toss it into the smoothie. Another trick to hide the fact that you’re no longer eating Big Macs.
  8. Nut Butter. Smear it on apples and you’ve got your 3 pm snack.
  9. Vegetarian Substitutes, i.e. veggie dogs, veggie burgers. I will be honest, these took me a while to get used to but they are actually pretty good substitutes. Nothing will ever beat Kelsey’s Chicken Fingers but the veggie burgers are alright. Mind the texture though.
  10. Protein powder. Feel free to toss this into your smoothie every day as well. Buy in bulk to save money (Costco anyone?)

Rice could also be included on this list but since I never touch the stuff, I excluded it. I have been told that rice and beans are the perfect meal but I was also once told that the Tooth Fairy was real, so idk.

I did not include tofu on the list because I know it scares some people but when cooked just right, it can be really good (okay it can be decent). Squish all the liquid out of it first before cooking it with spices so that the flavours are absorbed into the tofu. Cut it into strips and put it in a wrap, cut it into cubes and toss it in a stir fry, so many different ways to eat it just do not eat it by itself. That will turn you off tofu forever.

Thanks for reading,



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