How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Self doubt is probably one of the worst things ever. It’s a self-inflicting mindset that prohibits you from doing the things you want to do. It keeps you from even trying anything new for fear of failure. And when you don’t allow yourself the opportunity to fail, you will never learn.

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It’s all in your head

When self doubt kicks in, do your best to try and kick it out. The thought of failure shouldn’t scare you, the thought of staying the same, never improving, should. Know that these thoughts you’re having (feeling not good enough, feeling left out or rejected…) are normal, but also only in your head. Once you realize that you’re in control of how you feel, you will be able to push past the self-doubt. Nobody else can dictate your feelings, no matter how hard people try.

Stop comparing

We’re all on our own journey, our own path. You may have similar end goals as someone else but in the end – we’re all just trying to find happiness. If your path doesn’t line up with someone else’s, don’t sweat it; you have your own obstacles to overcome, your own triumphs. Try not to compare your life to anyone else’s, this is your story to write, not theirs.

Stop asking people for their opinion

Have you ever wanted to try something, suggested it to a friend, only to be scoffed at and told that’s not cool? I bet that made you feel less inclined to try it! And I can tell you that’s wrong. Don’t let anyone else get into your head and make you doubt your abilities. Real friends will support you and your crazy ideas so don’t worry about what they will think.

I think people depend too much on what their friends and family think. Don’t look for reassurance in other people – find it within yourself. Yes their opinions are important – but we rely too heavily on their idea of what success is. Next time you’re unsure if you should pursue a passion, weigh the pros and cons and then just do it. Don’t accidently persuade yourself out of doing it because you had a long talk with your best friend who told you that one time her friend’s friend tried to do the same thing and it didn’t work out for her and now she’s struggling to get back to where she was and blah blah blah…

Don’t be afraid of humiliation

I am perpetually embarrassed. My face turns bright red in a matter of seconds at the mere mention of high school (I try not to think about that phase in my life). But really – what is the worst thing about humiliation? That you feel a little anxious, or that you start reliving the past? No one else is thinking about it, and even if they are, that’s not your problem. Don’t let the fear of embarrassment stop you from going out and trying something.

Leave the past in the past

Always keep looking ahead – never looking back. If something happened in the past that is making you doubt your abilities, your character or your worth, leave it in the past. Keep learning from your mistakes, but don’t hold onto them in a negative way. Let them teach you the lessons they need to – and then let that shit go.

Thanks for reading!

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