How to Travel Your Hometown

I love a good international flight as much as the next person (kidding – I actually hate flying but love to travel… not a good mix) but sometimes that trip to Europe is not feasible and you have to settle for your hometown!

I recently went home for a week long visit (longest I’ve spent at home in almost a year) and had an amazing time! I did a bunch of stuff that I have never done before because I had deemed it “too touristy” but I regret not doing it sooner. See below for some tips on how to travel your hometown.


Lose the ‘tude

I never wanted to see the sights in my hometown because I had grown up with them being right there. I figured they couldn’t be that special because they were just…there. As soon as I went though, I wish I had been before! Look at your city with an open mind- it will literally open your eyes to all the sights that have been there the whole time, you were just too cool to see them.

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Amazing architecture in downtown Ottawa

Act like you’re a traveller

Unless you live in a town of 1000, chances are you can be as unknown in your city as you would be anywhere else. Keep the fun traveller attitude when it comes to visiting your hometown. Talk to locals, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to look a little tourist-y.

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My first beaver tail in 5 years! 

Take advantage of your knowledge

Whenever I land in a new place the first thing I try to establish is how I am going to get around. In London it was the tube, in Ireland it was the bus, in Leeds it was Uber…etc. When you know your way around your own city – use that to your advantage to save money. That being said…

Go off the beaten path

Don’t take all your favourite roads, don’t visit the restaurants you’ve been to a million times, don’t just go to the movies. Walk down streets you’d normally drive past, try the chip truck down the road, and go to the old fashioned theatre! Do the things you wouldn’t normally do and you’ll learn so much more about your amazing hometown.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Hope this post helps all of you wanderlust babies that are currently stuck on the ground!




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